When is Legacy not Legacy at all?

Created by Administrator 08 Nov 2013 @ 12:04
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Here’s a question for you. If legacy environments are such a threat to operations – why do commercial insurers continue to rely on legacy insurance software systems to run their businesses? Two reasons: because they tend to work, and the burning platform for change is missing. Whilst sectors like retail, banking and even personal insurance have forged ahead using innovation to drive change and advantage, commercial insurers are reluctant to follow. And as the chasm between these frontrunners and the London market widens, what does the future hold for commercial insurers? If you’re ready to put everything you ever thought about legacy back on the shelf, take ten to read this insightful piece where we get under the skin of ‘legacy’ and examine how a new era of modernisation heralds a shift from big-bang change to a continual process of concurrent transformation.

Read the full whitepaper here: http://www.xuber.com/sites/all/files/case_studies/XUBER_Legacy_Whitepape...

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