Vocus Guide to Marketing in 2014

Created by Jeff Brown 15 Oct 2013 @ 13:54
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FYI - you will need to click the link below to download this whitepater from VOCUS


How will you make the right choices for your 2014 digital marketing mix? Our new Marketing in 2014 guide is here to help.

Discover 2014’s key digital trends, what they mean for marketers and how to make them work with your brand’s strategy.

Get ready for…

  • Bigger Data: You’ll have more data but are you ready to take advantage of it?
  • Stronger Social: Discover how to make the most out of social insights.
  • More Automation: Triggered communications deliver more engagement with less effort.
  • Content for All: How prospects, reporters and search engines reward relevant, tailored content.

Download Here: http://go.vocus.com/2014-guide-to-marketing?cid=70180000000pQxo&elq=cc89...

Jeff Brown is the Founder & CEO of Market Luminary. He previously served as the Founder/CEO/President of Blue Cod Technologies. He currently serves on Advisory Boards for Yodil Inc., Northeast Outdoors Foundation, and William J. O'Brien Lecture Series.
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