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IAAS Buyers Guide - Computing Resources on Demand

On Aug. 25, 2006, Amazon Web Services launched a limited public beta of its Elastic Compute Cloud, thus creating the first infrastructure-as-a-service and launching a multibillion-dollar market. Over the past six years, Amazon has continued to expand its IaaS offerings, and other companies have jumped in, targeting a variety of customers who wish to take advantage of the benefits of IaaS.

Infrastructure-as-a-service has taken off because it allows companies to focus on their core competencies without having to worry about buying, deploying and maintaining computer hardware. IaaS is why Instagram sold at a $1 billion valuation with only 13 employees, and why Pinterest served nearly 12 million monthly unique visitors with only 16 employees. For many companies, IaaS offers significant benefits, but with an ever-growing number of providers, it can be difficult to know which provider will be the best choice. This guide and questionnaire answers will help IT professionals make a more informed decision about which IaaS vendor to select.

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