To Drive Strategic Alignment and Workforce Agility, Successful Organizations Embrace Change

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This whitepaper is available on TowersWatson site. Here is their lead:

Change is inevitable in business, but the pace of change has intensified in the last decade. High-performing organizations realize they must proactively evolve rather than merely wait and react to global competition, quickly evolving technology and the challenges of strict cost management. The stage is set for something new in HR: meeting the diverse needs of the business as it prepares for changes in leadership styles and preferences, performance measures and goals, and segmentation of the workforce.

The four integrated components of HR need to work together to fill the following roles:

  • Centers of excellence (COEs) provide best practice expertise at a market-competitive price, respond to business needs and build integrated, holistic solutions.
  • Business partners understand strategic business objectives, partner with the business to identify and prioritize the most effective people interventions, and work with COEs and shared services to ensure strategic objectives are met.
  • Shared services centers focus on delivering routine services to managers and employees at an appropriate balance between cost and quality.
  • New technologies are providing the push to transform HR service delivery. Many companies are moving to cloud-based applications for a robust and reliable platform that provides user-friendly HR service delivery combined with workforce analytics.

Savvy HR functions also follow five fundamental principles that help them reposition themselves for strategic alignment with business goals:

  • Risk leverage
  • Logic-driven analytics
  • Workforce segmentation
  • Integration and synergy
  • Optimization

The challenge for HR leadership is to build and manage a coherent enterprise agenda aligned with business strategy. Embracing change — adapting to and aligning with business goals — is necessary to deliver the workforce agility that will take your organization to the next level.

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