Component-Based Architecture: Give Distribution Partners What They Need During a Policy System Conversion

Created by Jeff Brown 12 Dec 2012 @ 15:38
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Interesting whitepaper from AgencyPort and Capgemini. Makes the point that a de-coupled component strategy during a PAS conversion could help to reduce risk to carriers, shield distribution partners from the disruption, and allow access to newly-evolving distribution technologies throughout the multi-year process.

Here is the overview from AgencyPort:

No matter how you slice it, a Policy Administration System conversion is time-consuming, costly, and potentially very disruptive to your customers. The first two facts are inevitable. The third is not.

Front ending policy admin systems with a web-facing portal during a system conversion keeps your distribution channels at the center of your world—shielding them from the disruptions of the conversion and ensuring your ongoing responsiveness and growth.

Learn more about this money- and reputation-saving strategy in our white paper, prepared with our partner, Capgemini.

Jeff Brown is the Founder & CEO of Market Luminary. He previously served as the Founder/CEO/President of Blue Cod Technologies. He currently serves on Advisory Boards for Yodil Inc., Northeast Outdoors Foundation, and William J. O'Brien Lecture Series.
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