Weekly Rant: Weekly Rant - Being Andy Rooney for Insurance Technology

Weekly Rant - Being Andy Rooney for Insurance Technology

Created by Chet Gladkowski at 08 Apr 2013 @ 05:30

An article on "painless policy system implementation" caused me to flip out this week

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Ralph - I've been on the MGA side (CIO for an MGP that sold WC and administered self-insured funds.) You are right, the MGA has all the same requirements as a full insurance carrier except the risk bearing and annual statement. There is lots of "gray" being spoken/sold.
Abby - I have experienced something very similar on the MGA side of things. Chet (or should I say "Andy") hit this one just right.
@Abby - WOW! What a statement - arrogance unleashed! And rating is so much more than a "calculator" with out-of-sequence endorsement processing.
@Sam - there does come a time when policy systems need to be replaced, but the decision should be made with "eyes wide open" and after your current solution has been maximized and "hollowed out" by breaking everything into services and SOA.
By the way, you will always be our "Andy Rooney of Insurance"...
You got this one just right "Andy" - it is amazing how many vendors try to sell into this space with absolutely no experience in the industry at all. I'll share a story with you - I actually had a software vendor once look my entire team in the eyes and say: "Our software is so sophisticated that we don't need to understand your industry at all." Guess what he was selling me? A rating system!!
The only painless policy admin system implementation is the one you don't do!
You hit this one right on the nose Chet
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Created 08 Apr 2013
Updated 01 Sep 2014