Weekly Rant - Technology Predictions

Weekly Rant - Technology Predictions

Created by Chet Gladkowski at 10 May 2013 @ 22:13

Technology Predictions

There have been so many predictions about new technologies either revolutionizing our lives of being complete duds. As we look at a number of these predictions, they seem to all have one thing in common.

To get the juices flowing, watch and join in on the conversation.

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You got that right Dave! With all the PR, articles and hoopla about the latest and greatest cutting-edge technology, many would hang their geek-heads in shame if the truth about the DWP/number of policies that are produced & serviced by 20th century technology.
And then there are the other guys who predict doom for existing technologies as new technologies emerge. They are rarely correct.
Alex - we get a good bit of panic weather here in FL (every hurricane is going to change the face of the planet and life as we know it is coming to an end.) Your panic technology comment seems to hold water as what I call "fringe elements" are the first to identify and latch onto the new technology. Promote the living daylights out of it, they then claim it will safe mankind, straighten your daughters teeth and end global warming.
That's brilliant Chet! Panic-weather seems to be the norm everywhere these days! Good parallel to most of the folks who make "panic predictions" about technology too.
Ed - while I am absolutely a conspiracy theorist, to my knowledge no one has ever found a direct connection between the weather forecasting industry and local grocery stores (bread, milk, pop tarts, etc.) Here in central FL we have 3 kinds of weather predictions: 1 - Acc-u-weather: we have this in name only as actual experience is anything but "accurate" 2 - Guess-u-weather: this is our normal daily menu served up by the weather broadcasters 3 - Panic-weather: we get this in abundance when a tropical storm forms anywhere in the northern hemisphere
I think most of the weather forecasts are like that too Chet!!
Neil - I think you are being very kind and gracious. Most of the technology posts are gratuitous and self-serving (at best.) At worst, they are a flagrant twisting of the facts in order to meet some personal gain' either financial, ego or both.
Agreed. Predictions about technology tend to be self-serving, and are generally inaccurate. It's kind of like trying to predict the weather.
Abby - you are right. I don't think Deep Throat was thinking about technology when he said "follow the money" but it seems to apply.
Ralph - engineers and perverts: an interesting combination!
My dad (who has invested in a lot of winning companies and made a lot of money at it) once said at a dinner party that the internet would never provide any business use or purpose, and that only engineers and perverts would use it. I remind him of that prediction all the time.
Ken Olson's prediction is my favorite of all time. I think your theory is accurate that many of these predictions are made by people who have a vested interest in their prediction coming true - so it is less prediction and more wishful thinking.
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Created 10 May 2013
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