Weekly Rant - Steroids, Insurance and Technology

Weekly Rant - Steroids, Insurance & Technology

Created by Chet Gladkowski at 14 Aug 2013 @ 15:05

Steroids are all over the news - baseball, golf, Tour de France, track & field, Olympic trials, you name it.


And it's all in search of victory and finding "an edge" to win.


I know that you want to win, and that's a good thing. Watch, comment and participate in 3 "performance enhancers" that will lead to victory in sales, service, software, underwriting, claims and even actuarial!

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Your creativity is unmatched; your ability to elevate discussion on important topics is helpful. As always, thanks Chet!
Someone once wrote that money was the source of all sorts of evil (not the source of all evil)
You hit on the head Ralph. Money causes people to do crazy things.
There are always those among us who feel they are above the rules or above the law. Just try sitting in a traffic jam sometime and watch the people who drive in the breakdown lane to bypass everyone. It's that "at all costs" mentality that drives people to do anything to beat the other guy. And when money is at stake, it just gets worse.
Good advice Chet, but I think people (and companies) will always try to take short cuts and easy roads to success.
Very entertaining
I love the "LUMY" idea, and agree that Chet wins going away!
thanks Jeff - this is just the crazy, off-beat way my brain works. I believe the Greeks called it "eclectic."
I think we need our own version of an EMMY - lets call it a LUMY. Chet wins it hands down!
I love the RANT this week Chet! Somehow you connected Clint Eastwood, sumo wrestling, pepto bismal, baseball and steroids to insurance and marketing! (Love the sumo wrestler photo)
Title Weekly Rant - Steroids, Insurance and Technology
Creator Chet Gladkowski
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Created 14 Aug 2013
Updated 01 Sep 2014