Weekly Rant - Slow Down

Weekly Rant - Slow Down

Created by Chet Gladkowski at 15 Apr 2013 @ 07:26

The constant press of time, schedule and competition pushes us to do things faster and faster. When it comes to internet content for your web site, blogs and general communication; content is king. There is the almost overwhelming temptation just to put something up. You think people will forget you if you don't do something, even if it's not all that well researched, prepared or presented.


In my weekly rant, we look at the counter-intuitive idea to "slow down."


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Have a great week - Chet

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Kira - two quick tips: First - NEVER address the email until you are ready to send. That way if you accidently hit "send" there will be an error and your can fix it before you really want to send. Second - this one is for you! http://img.wonderhowto.com/img/original/14/34/63484341610578/0/634843416105781434.jpg all the best - Chet
Amen to that - sometimes I wish I had an email recall button.
Alex, yes it does apply to our younger generation but I also see unrestrained responses (text, quotes) from all walks of life and from all age groups too. What one writer called the "tyranny of the urgent" response. We've all sent an email where we wish we could grab it back and "undo" the send button
I think your comments are particularly relevant to the younger generation. Everything is so "immediate" for them that as they join the ranks of business professionals they assume that strategy, direction, and decision making should all be as snappy as sending a text!
Thanks Melinda - this does have potentially broad implications to both life and business. Appreciate your note very much.
We need to slow down in every aspect of our lives and businesses. You hit the nail on the head Chet.
Thanks Randall - agree, I laugh myself silly every time I see it.
I think I have been the guy on the wheel a few times myself...
Your intro is one of the funniest "Taxis" of all time!
Title Weekly Rant - Slow Down
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Created 15 Apr 2013
Updated 01 Sep 2014