Weekly Rant - The Pope, Instant Messaging and Insurance

Weekly Rant - The Pope, Instant Messaging and Insurance

Created by Chet Gladkowski at 18 Mar 2013 @ 09:27

Unless you were under a rock this week, you heard about selecting the new Pope. Did you know that there is a direct connection between the Pope, Instant Messaging and Insurance?

http://youtu.be/r7d7Y2zqs8Q - The Pope, Instant Messaging and Insurance 

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An opposing view point to Ashley's comment would be: are there some organizations (such as the Catholic Church) and some industries (such as the insurance industry) who benefit from sticking to traditional ways of communicating? I worry that the personal nature of communication (face to face) is becoming a thing of the past.
I agree with Ashley - this industry tends to be insulated from what is happening around it.
I think the insurance industry is not unlike the Catholic Church, in that they are slow to recognize and address their level of disconnect from the significant changes in the way people communicate. This Pope might help to change that, and I think our industry needs to change some things as well. Maybe this community is a good start? At least we are all talking with each other!
Maybe we should all go back to smoke signals. Effective, and a cheaper form of instant messaging to manage.
And that makes life for "IT Guys" miserable!
We certainly have become a society that expects (demands) instant access, instant information, and instant response to just about everything.
It's funny that you did this rant - I joked to my wife that the Vatican invented instant messaging during papal elections hundreds of years ago!
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Created 18 Mar 2013
Updated 01 Sep 2014