Weekly Rant - Insurance BI/Analytics/Big Data

Weekly Rant - Insurance Analytics/Big Data

Created by Chet Gladkowski at 25 May 2013 @ 09:02

Multiple times a week we get numerous ads and offers for white papers, webinars, software solutions and consulting services that all surround the tsunami of BI/analytics/big data. Neglected data in our databases, data warehouses, datamarts and external 3rd party sources cannot fulfill their destiny without thoughtful and diligent reflection.


Watch this video to consider the three important, yet counter-institutive steps necessary to reap the rich rewards from BI/Analytics and big data.


Hope you and yours have a safe and happy Memorial weekend celebration - Chet


BTW - I want to give a great big "shout-out" to our son Dan who is stationed in South Korea with the Air Force. Please forgive the rantings of a proud dad when I tell you that I admire and respect his service to our country.

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Thanks Allen - are you talking about the "Network" piece that I used in the header of this weeks rant? Here's the whole "Mad as Hell" scene - http://youtu.be/q_qgVn-Op7Q
One of my favorite movies! Who would have figured we could mix big data, archery and the Patriot! And they say insurance is not fun.
Melinda - there was a line in "The Patriot" where Mel Gibson talks to his sons about their aim and they said the exact same thing your husband said. Aiming small = focus, and that's where we find great value and benefit from systems and procedures.
My husband is a competitive archer, and he always says if you aim small, you miss small. I think that applies here also.
Abby: big focus = small returns.
Good point Sam - the "low hanging fruit" and hype have significantly contributed to wildly inflated expectations that sit on a foundation of flawed fantasy.
Focus seems to be the big problem around big date - we get "big focus" or worse yet, no focus.
Great rant as always Chet! And tell your son the ML community thanked him for his service to country! My son is in the Marines, so I know exactly how you feel!
We appreciate your sons service
Good topic Chet. In addition to Focus, Practice, and a willingness to do it a 2nd time, I would add that we need to tamp down expectations of our end users. So much hype about this has caused expectations to outpace reality. Kudo's to your son also!
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Created 25 May 2013
Updated 01 Sep 2014