Weekly Rant: Industry conferences - are they worth it?

Weekly Rant - Industry Conferences

Created by Chet Gladkowski at 20 Apr 2013 @ 14:41

It''s springtime again in the insurance technology industry, a time when everyone's fancy turns to... annual industry conferences. 

  • What's your experience with them? 
  • Are they worth the time, energy and money?


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Well done Chet and well said regarding loss of time. Nothing "costs" more than lost time.
Steven - the cost is one thing but I agree that time is the greatest loss. I can always get more money but there is no way to get/find more time. How I spend my time is a true reflection of what I think is important. We want this Luminary approach to grow and become a 21st century resource to get the info you need, when you need it and from people/resources that are nut trying to pick your pocket at the same time.
Geoff - the dinosaurs did not know that their day had come and gone. You see it and can react/respond. We all do things that have no hard dollar ROI because they meet some other need (friendship, relationship, entertainment, etc.)
I'm torn. I like them and think the networking and connections are valuable, but I just can't justify the cost and the time out of the office. I think online is the way to go, and I agree with Chet that this Luminary approach has some similar value.
I like them too, and I AM a dinosaur...
Allen - thanks and that's the point: questions about conferences, invest wisely, make plans, evaluate and measure against expectations.
Abby - you are not a dinosaur at all. There is value in the face to face contact that remote learning cannot accomplish. So you can selectively choose where/how you make your face to face investments vs utilizing electronic content/distance learning.
I still like attending the conferences, even though I think the ROI is probably limited. There is something fun about seeing everyone face to face. Maybe I'm a dinosaur! I do agree though that communities like this will have a much broader effect and better ROI, given that so much can be done for free!!
Another entertaining video chet
Great timing on this Chet - I think everyone responsible for a budget should be asking these same questions!
Samatha - I want to echo Jeff's comment of "that's what we hope to accomplish" here. On-line education is like all education options - a mixed bag, some great, some good, some would manic's to sleep. Glad to be of help - Chet
Thanks Kira - you have given me more "food for rant" - perhaps next week! Thanks again - Chet
I'm not a big fan of conferences, and I think Chet summed it all up right. Mostly a big boondoggle. And I appreciate Samantha's comment about this community. That's what we hope to be accomplishing!
More of our employees are attending these "online educational sessions". I think this community is a good replacement for trade shows too. I have expanded my network more here than I have at any shows I attended. And I am learning a lot by following these conversations.
Well said Chet. I agree with everything you said about conferences. Unfortunately I think the "physical conferences" are a perk that the execs are not willing to give up.
Title Weekly Rant: Industry conferences - are they worth it?
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Created 20 Apr 2013
Updated 01 Sep 2014