Weekly Rant: Consult-Speak

Weekly Rant: Consult-speak

Created by Chet Gladkowski at 11 Nov 2013 @ 16:47

If you read, listen or watch any source of information on insurance technology, you have been bombarded by what I call "consult-speak" where you are treated like an idiot. Only they have the tablets (not iPad nor Android) of truth and speak in a language designed only to confuse and support their hourly rate.

Watch and join in on the conversation. Looking forward to hearing your reactions and thoughts.


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My least favorites are "at the end of the day" and "watershed moment" - talk about overused.
I usually assume that the more catch phrases and buzz words someone uses, the less they know about the subject
It can be even worse inside carrier organizations. Every one comes to a meeting looking to demonstrate their immense knowledge by tossing around ten dollar words and terms that no one else ever heard of.
In my experience, vendor salespeople often are the biggest culprits, followed closely by those on the buying side (particularly CIO/CTO types) trying to demonstrate their own competence through their own command of empty buzzwords and phrases. It is a ridiculous dance to watch!
The treading water illustration - Treading water looks a lot like swimming but all you do is stand still. In like manner, buzzwords give the impression of giving information, but they actually hinder it, keeping you in the same place.
I didnt quite follow your treading water comparison. Could you explain that further?
I actually like my job. Most of the time...however when i find myself in meetings surrounded by people who throw around words and phrases like this, I suddenly feel compelled to go jump out of the nearest window. I recently sent a list of buzzwords to several colleagues of mine, warning them NEVER to use these words. In my opinion, you can tell the difference between a middle manager and an executive by the way they communicate. Buzzwords like these are a telltale sign of middle managers trying to sound competent.
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Created 11 Nov 2013
Updated 01 Sep 2014