I'll take extra commissions with my ribs please - Weekly Rant

I'll take extra commissions with my ribs please

Created by Chet Gladkowski at 24 Sep 2013 @ 09:20

Chili's announced the results of their recent test of placing tablet's at tables in selected restraunts. The results were significant both from a financial, customer satisfaction and employee standpoint. There are important things to learn from their experience that we should examine for the insurance industry.

Should commissions increase with the deployment of new technology?

Watch and join in on the conversation. Looking forward to hearing your stories.


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Yes, insurance is not only wildly complex but it also does not have a "deliverable" that you can touch/hold onto. Insurance is a promise, and by its very nature, is complex and people are not all that certain on what they cannot see or touch. However, the tablet is a very unique platform to offer both sales and education in a most engaging manner. As an example, below is a link to information about Swiss Re's flood insurance iPad app. If you download it, you will see that it explains the very complex topic of flood insurance in a most compelling way. http://www.swissre.com/library/Apps/The_Flood_App_for_iPad.html A tool like this, in the capable hands of an insurance agency/producer can be a very compelling and effective sales tool!
The insurance transaction is just too complicated. Look what the gov is trying to do with health care online and how bad that is going. People just need a lot of help wading through all the options and implications.
Another good one Chet! I look forward to all your rants.
Greg - to your comment; yes-insurance is both complicated and data intensive. That is why the pre-data collection and preparation (multiple quoting, etc) is vital to interacting with insureds via any technology.
Interesting study. Seems like agents are way behind in using the technology. Maybe we could learn something from the Chili's experience too. Unfortunately, the insurance transaction is so complicated its hard to imagine how to leverage the technology. But i'm sure some smarter people than me can figure it out. I like Rojer's idea about rental car companies too.
Would be an interesting idea for rental car companies - how much do we all hate waiting in line after a long plane trip!
good question Neil - the tablets are secured to the table rather well. while there is always a risk, you install MDM (Mobile Device Management) that allows you to lock down a stolen device when it appears on the internet. Delta has done something similiar at their Laguardia airport Skyclub lounge (http://www.icrave.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/deltad6.jpg) and in their terminal restaruant (http://static6.businessinsider.com/image/512b786beab8ea113100000f-1200/heres-another-food-stop-where-you-order-food-on-an-ipad.jpg).
Very interesting Chet. Your comment about waiting for the bill is right on the money - pun intended! Any discussion about expenses related to damaged or stolen tablets? Insurance guys always think about the costs and losses...
Great rant Chet, but you made me hungry!
Title I'll take extra commissions with my ribs please - Weekly Rant
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Created 24 Sep 2013
Updated 01 Sep 2014