Hello, My Name Is ...

Weekly Rant - Hello, My Name Is ...

Created by Chet Gladkowski at 10 Jun 2013 @ 13:05

Some people collect baseball cards, I collect name tags. Some friends sent me a number of name tags from recent industry events and they seemed to fall into two categories.


In this weekly rant, I explore and expose these two kinds of people that make me want to take a shower after meeting (you know the type.)


Tell me about your experiences with them. Join in on the conversation!

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Haven't thought about Mr. Peobody in years! Great analogy. These guys all think they have a way-back machine.
wise perception Ashley - value is what it will achieve for your customers and organization.
Deal = bad decision in my book. If the software or service is valuable, you should be willing to pay what it is worth.
Geoff, these are the 3 words I fear the most, "Hav-I gott-a deal-fa-u"
"Have I got a deal for you!" - words all us buyers fear...
thanks Susan - while adorned in sartorial splendor, their personality oozes and seems to taint everyone and everything.
The "take a shower comment" is funny, but accurate. I have felt the same way many times.
Good for you Abby - I never met a business card that I didn't like.
I keep all my old business cards from former jobs to remind me where I have been!
Title Hello, My Name Is ...
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Created 10 Jun 2013
Updated 01 Sep 2014