Essurance Innovates with Video Appraisals

Video appraisal

Created by Jeff Brown at 18 Mar 2014 @ 07:40

Esurance has a new, industry-first mobile feature: video appraisal, which enables consumers to video chat in real-time with an Esurance appraiser to get their claim estimate on the spot. Video appraisal is available on the latest version of Esurance Mobile, and allows consumers with eligible car insurance claims to video chat with an Esurance appraiser using their iPhone® or Android™ smartphone.* This can eliminate the need for an appraiser to inspect the vehicle in person, saving the customer the time of scheduling that appointment and waiting for payment processing for their claim. Checkout their video that explains the new service.

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Title Essurance Innovates with Video Appraisals
Creator Jeff Brown
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Created 18 Mar 2014
Updated 01 Sep 2014