SPAN Now Certified for PCI DSS Compliance

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SPAN Now Certified for PCI DSS Compliance

Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA – SPAN Infotech (India) Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading Payment Card Industry service provider in the global markets, proudly announced today that it is certified as PCI-DSS compliant for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Version 3.1. With the PCI-DSS compliance certification, one of the most rigorous security standards globally, SPAN is now reckoned among a few global organizations who also have this certification. This industry-coveted PCI-DSS certification is a result of the stringent procedures followed regularly at SPAN, for data security as well as the compliance procedures for all client projects.

SPAN Infotech has over a decade of experience in providing electronic payment system for invoice processing. A consolidated payment solution designed, developed and maintained by SPAN, includes implementing integration for Real-Time Credit Card processors and ACH in compliance with industry standards such as PCI-DSS, SAS 70, CTX, EDIFACT, SWIFT, etc. for both B2B and B2C industries. SPAN also has experience in delivering solutions for payment gateways, merchant monitoring and EPS with involvement in developing interactive voice response systems. SPAN’s client, one of the largest banks in USA, has gained from extensive implementation on both EIPP and EBPP platforms.

Systems developed for pre-paid forex cards for banks by SPAN, processes payments of international cards and phone payments made by customers including authorizing transactions and updating the balance. Banks across the world can benefit from this comprehensive PCI-DSS compliance readiness assessment, where testing activities cover most of the principles of PCI-DSS.

SPAN’s audit was conducted by Panacea Infosec, one of the leading provider of Information Security and Compliance Services and Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCI QSA).

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