Patriot Technology Solutions Set to Launch Systems Implementation for Missouri Employers Mutual

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Patriot Technology Solutions, Inc. (PatTech), a subsidiary of Patriot National, Inc. (NYSE: PN), today announced that Missouri Employers Mutual (MEM), Missouri's largest provider of workers' compensation insurance, has signed definitive agreements to implement PatTech's SaaS insurance value chain software suite to replace and modernize its current technology systems.

PatTech's SaaS insurance value chain software suite includes QuoteExpert, PolicyExpert, BillingExpert, ClaimsExpert, ReinsuranceExpert, Agency Portal, Customer/Policyholder Portal, Claimant Portal, Business Partner Portal, DecisionUR utilization review and InsurePay pay-as-you-go modules. Implementation of the new system is expected to begin in February 2016 and the agreement will extend for a minimum of five years. 

See full release here:

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