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Peter Senge on Teaching Systems Thinking in Schools

21 Deadliest Tornadoes EVER - Caught in HD VIDEO

Make Safe Happen - Nationwide 2015 Super Bowl Commercial

The Vendor Client relationship - in real world situations

Driver crashes $60K car into community pool

Video appraisal

BriteCore: Automation Support for AAIS Homeowners By-Peril

A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning. (2011)

State Farm® Turkey Fryer Safety: Hang On A Minute with Si & Jase Robertson

Weekly Rant: Consult-speak

Obamacare Website Disaster - Weekly Rant

Growing & looking forward - weekly rant

I'll take extra commissions with my ribs please



A Quick Look Back at Insurance & Technology - Happy 90th Birthday Mom!

Weekly Rant - Steroids, Insurance & Technology

Weekly Rant - It Ain't about the Benjamin's

Weekly Rant - Land of Digital Oz

Weekly Rant - Discovery & Advancement are in Different Timezones

Weekly Rant - The Godfather discusses Ebix

Weekly Rant - Kool-Aid, Configuration and CF

Weekly Rant - Hello, My Name Is ...

Weekly Rant - Death of the PC: Born to Die

Weekly Rant - Insurance Analytics/Big Data

Weekly Rant - More Words do not Equal Greater Clarity

Weekly Rant - Technology Predictions

Weekly Rant - The "F" Word, Part 2 of 2

Weekly Rant - The "F" Word, Part 1

Weekly Rant - Industry Conferences

Weekly Rant - Slow Down

Weekly Rant - Being Andy Rooney for Insurance Technology

Weekly Rant - Independent Agency System, Part 2

Weekly Rant - Independent Agency System, Part 1

Weekly Rant - The Pope, Instant Messaging and Insurance

Weekly Rant - The most important leadership word is ______

Weekly Rant - Chanpions

Insurance technology rant - week 2

Insurance Technology Rants - Number 1

Big Data Chet Gladkowski Feb 6 2013