Welcome New Luminary - Chirag Pancholi!

Created by Jeff Brown 17 Feb 2014 @ 13:40
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We are pleased to announce that the P&C community has a new Luminary - Chirag Pancholi. He joins us to share information and ideas related to business planning, insurance trends, and many other interesting topics. To give you a little background, Chirag is an insurance industry senior executive with expertise in Distribution, Insurance Software and Sales. He is also a board member and consultant for companies inside and outside of the insurance vertical. Within the insurance industry, he founded and grew the first independent automated cross-sell platform in the industry, used by prominent carriers and agencies. You may also find it interesting to note that earlier in his career he worked under Chairman Greenspan with the Federal Reserve Board, and has also worked as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs. He is a graduate of Harvard and the University of Chicago. His background and experience make him an outstanding addition to our growing list Luminaries. Please welcome Chirag, and FOLLOW him so you receive notices of his posts and other contributions.



Jeff Brown is the Founder & CEO of Market Luminary. He previously served as the Founder/CEO/President of Blue Cod Technologies. He currently serves on Advisory Boards for Yodil Inc., Northeast Outdoors Foundation, and William J. O'Brien Lecture Series.
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Thank you everyone. I am glad to be part of this group to contribute my effort and ideas helping increase the economic pie for all of us.
I've worked with Chirag and have know him for some time. He is one of the bright, next generation insurance/technology voices in the industry. He brings a pragmatic, fresh perspective that challenges both the status quo and traditional views. Welcome aboard Chirag!
Very impressive background - looking forward to your contributions.