A Time To Be Thankful

Created by Jeff Brown 25 Nov 2013 @ 08:46
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During the Thanksgiving holiday many of us take the time to think about the aspects of our personal lives that we are thankful for. Things that can't be purchased like the love of family; our health; our relationships. More so than any other holiday, Thanksgiving creates a pause in our frenetic lives that allows us - even encourages us - to be thankful for the simple things that are far more important than many of the factors that drive the "daily grind" of our busy lives. And I would argue that, no matter what challenges each of us may find in our personal lives, we can ALWAYS find something to be thankful for. Reflecting during the Thanksgiving holiday can provide a measure of perspective in our lives that enables us to see beyond our current daily challenges and appreciate what is truly important in our lives. With that as a backdrop, it occurs to me that we can apply the same thinking to our professional lives. As employees we often spend the majoirty of our time focusing on those aspects of our professional lives that provide challenges for us. We agonize over the perceived inequities related to our pay, benefits, promotions, responsibilities, and personal acclaim. But how often do we take a moment to be thankful? How often do we pause to simple appreciate the opportunity to have a job, work with good people, provide a good product/service, take pride in our work, and provide for our families? So during this Thanksgiving holiday, as we wind down our working week and take a little time to spend with our families and friends, let's reflect on those things we are thankful for in our professional lives, and share them with each other through this discussion. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Jeff Brown is the Founder & CEO of Market Luminary. He previously served as the Founder/CEO/President of Blue Cod Technologies. He currently serves on Advisory Boards for Yodil Inc., Northeast Outdoors Foundation, and William J. O'Brien Lecture Series.
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Well said Zach!
If you have your health and a good family, everything else is icing on the cake. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I'm happy to have a good job with benefits - given how many people are out of work right now.
Jeff - Thank you.
I agree. Seems like I spend a lot of time at work fielding small gripes and complaints about things that just aren't that important. And I often allow myself to get caught up in petty issues, rather than taking the time put everything in perspective.