Targeted Attraction

Created by Bill McCarthy 10 Sep 2015 @ 12:00
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Targeted attraction is the method to connect the seeker to the needed

Recent events coupled with life experiences created a moment where I realized we all are looking for something, how we find it on the internet is the same. If we can't find it in front of our noses, we use a search tool.

The biology of attraction is innate in all of us, we see someone who appeals to us, we seek to get closer to learn about them and potentially meet them. Recently I've seen videos where the exact same woman dressed in a two radically different ways (short skirt with makeup vs jeans and sweat shirt with no makeup) are treated radically different. The cosmetic and clothing industry are powerhouses that rely on this simple law of attraction.

The challenge is insuring targeted attraction. Men and Women who dress to impress, do it to feel good, look attractive and may perhaps be targeting another individual to invite them into a conversation. The unwanted attention of every guy/gal on the street cat calling is not wanted nor desired part of the plan.

Growth hacking, inbound marketing, creating targeted attraction is using the same fundamental principles. Targeted attraction is creating a source of information (web site) that can be found using keywords. The keywords are words to describe the item of the search or quest. 

There are lots of tools, both old and new ones every day. Experience has shown that the message with your audience is the critical connection, as long as the same vocabulary is used by both parties, the targeted attraction will work. Mirroring nature building upon the attraction principles, we are more likely to connect with our intended audience.

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