The Pace of Technology Innovation

Created by Administrator 10 Feb 2014 @ 10:29
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I posted a video today that demonstrates where one manufacturer (Corning) is taking us with respect to innovative uses of "intelligent glass displays." This stuff will knock your socks off! If you think today's iPads or touchscreens are cutting edge, this stuff makes that technology look like a rotary telephone. Check it out at this link. And that brings us to this week's discussion - are insurance policies evolving to keep pace with home, auto and personal technology innovations? Are insurance companies aggressive enough it evolving their insurance products to better cover (and utilize) these innovations? Let us know what you think.

















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I'm not sure I am comfortable with the concept of "smart glass" in my bathroom!
Corning has always been innovative.
Not only do coverages get more complex, but so does claims handling.
Pretty amazing video