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Created by Chet Gladkowski 22 Jul 2014 @ 06:22
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One of the great lies perpetrated on the insurance buying public is that all insurance is the same. The sources of the continual and repeated falsehood come from media and ads. The great comparison and leveler, King Price, is venerated and touted as the way and only truth when it comes to insurance comparison.


But the simple truth is that insurance is not simple, nor is it all the same. Insurance products that are lumped together can have significant differences in what is, and what is not covered.


For a simple comparison, follow this link to see some of the significant differences between a relatively straightforward coverage; roadside assistance.


You’ll see that while prices vary from $49 to $96, look at how much towing is included. Some coverage is only for 5 miles (after which you pay the difference) while other coverage is up to 75 miles. Some coverage is for cars and light trucks alone while other coverage includes RV’s, motorcycles and trailers.


While “all men are created equal”, the same cannot be said for insurance. Not all coverages are created equal. What can we, and the industry at large do to change the perception?


In a future discussion, we will look at personal auto policies and their significant differences.

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Unfortunately people don't want to put time into doing any research, even when sites like the one you linked to are available. So they just take what is offered.
That's a great resource for comparing roadside assitance plans.