Implications of Unionizing College Athletes

Created by Jeff Brown 07 Apr 2014 @ 07:42
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The sports world is buzzing over the controversary related to efforts to "unionize" college athletes, giving them the ability to use collective bargaining to negotiate compensation benefits, essentially designating them as employees of the colleges and universities they play for. ESPN recapped the situation fairly well with this video and article. There are wide-ranging implications related to designating athletes as employees - not the least of which are the insurance implications that would impact the educational institutions and the providers of their insurance policies. How would this potentially impact workers comp coverages? Disability insurance? Liability insurance? Other coverages? Weigh in and let us know what you think.

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Wonder if the Huskies would have won if the men and women teams were unionized?
Far reaching implications outside of the P&C space. Carriers should be well positioned to provide additional coverages as needed, assuming that athletes meet the standard legal definition of "employee".
It is hard to imagine that anything "good" can come from this. I think it will be challenging for all parties, and will likely create a series of unintended consequences. The insurance implications are probably not all that challenging to deal with, but certainly will generate a series of new policy coverages and exclusions, and some changes in premiums.