Help Needs Help: Ongoing & Accelerated Training

Created by Chet Gladkowski 11 Aug 2014 @ 09:13
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Insurance and technology continue their meteoric rise in important and complexity. Today’s policy language mixed with the supporting technology would make even Google or Watson go into a “wait” state. With all the increased complexity there is an appalling decrease in ongoing training when it comes to both insurance and technology. There is a misplaced false hope that simply by hitting the “help” function that users will be able to noodle their way to truth.


Today’s New York Times technology article on the internal training program at Apple has some very important insights into ongoing training program and investments. I would commend its reading to everyone.


Training is not on the same level as home, mom, apple pie or a nice to have, it is vitally important to the ongoing success, revenue and customer satisfaction necessary to compete in today’s marketplace. Customers are more savvy through immediate access to a world of information. We cannot not just stay even but must invest time and resources to ever increasing complexity of insurance products and the technology employed to deliver insurance products and services.


Source:, Simplifying the Bull: How Picasso Helps to Teach Apple’s Style

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Great article. Thx for pointing it out