Ghostbusters still speaks to insurance tech

Created by Chet Gladkowski 19 Jun 2014 @ 07:09
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I recently watched (yet again) Ghostbusters and it weaved it magic spell (yet again.) Alexander Huls gives us five reasons in his recent article including geeks and technology. In what ways have geeks and technology changed the way insurance is sold and serviced?


Here are Alexander's observations of Ghostbusters:


1. The (Entrepreneurial) Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

2. Media Coverage Hasn’t Changed At All

3. The Portability of Tech

4. The Prevalence of Sarcastic Insincerity

5. New York Can Withstand Anything



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Any reference to GhostBusters will always get my attention!!!!
Great movie and article. Thanks for pointing it out. #1 and #3 seem to be pretty much on target for this industry.