AmWINS Announces New Sr. Executives

Created by Administrator 04 Dec 2015 @ 17:15
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AmWINS, a North Carolina Property/casualty insurance and group benefits provider, recently announced the appointment of several new senior executives, as follows:

John Conway: vice president at AmWINS Brokerage of New York. He joins from Kerwick & Curran, where he served as vice president. Conway specializes in property and casualty production.

Drew Roughton: vice president and senior transportation underwriter at AmWINS Transportation Underwriters. He joins from Robert Moreno Insurance, where he was the commercial lines underwriting manager. Roughton is based in Santa Ana, Calif., and will focus on programs for environmental material haulers and petroleum transporters.

Scott Lewis: senior vice president and casualty broker. Based out of Grand Rapids, Mich., he joins from Swett and Crawford.

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